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J. (A Love Song), Part 3

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Now for the "meat & heat" of the relationship - probably the heart too, even though you leave us hanging a bit at the end. Is this written present tense or a past adventure? I can't recall if I've read the sad song yet, so perhaps it's a romance in full flush. Enjoyed it - either way! (Sounds like you are having fun!)

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  • Muttado1sb
    The Ballad of Poldy and J. plays on! Very nice, Poldy! I’m enjoying your rhyming story.

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  • Poldy
    started a topic J. (A Love Song), Part 3

    J. (A Love Song), Part 3

    Later she told me she’s kissed a few frogs,
    She’s stomped on some snakes, and chased off some dogs.
    I said I understand how it’s been, but now things aren’t the same.
    I’m a full-grown man, and I’m not playing a game.
    Is love still a thing in this world?
    I'm sure I don't know.
    I know I want to hold her tightly and never let go.
    I could stay right next to her all night and all day;
    When we’re lying together, the world fades away.

    I can already tell she’s someone I want to be around;
    She’s passionate and soulful, deep and profound.
    She has long yellow curls like noodles spun from gold.
    Blue eyes that shine bright say she’s proud and bold.
    She’s got luscious curves from her chest to her hips
    And the softest, warmest, tastiest lips.
    She makes the world around her a better place to be
    And even when she snores she’s still cute to me.

    And don’t forget she gets me in return and I’m pretty awesome,
    Few dozen trips around the sun,
    but just starting to blossom.
    I’m kind and considerate, loyal and true,
    And once she wins me over there’s not one thing I won’t do
    To keep her happy and safe, and satisfied every day;
    I won’t take her for granted and I won’t run away.
    I’m feeling pretty good about this thing we’ve begun;
    I recognize a good woman and I know how to love one.

    I’ll push my chips to the center of the table
    And say, “I’m all in; let’s see yours if you're able.”
    Is she going to be my partner in crime?
    I know the only way to tell will take time.
    Yes, I know time wounds all your heals, but even after I die
    I’ll still be grateful I had the chance to give love a try.
    I don’t know where we’re going, but I’ll play along.
    And if she breaks my heart I’ll just write a sad song.