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J (A Love Song), Part 2

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  • J (A Love Song), Part 2

    First we ate a spicy berry; it was a crazy notion
    We had to share together some symbol of devotion.
    I started sweating profusely and burning inside;
    My heart was racing, I couldn’t breathe, and I almost died.
    But I’m the kind of guy who knows his way around a floor;
    I’ve collapsed a few times and probably will some more.
    I know all you can do when it happens again
    Is dig your nails into the carpet and let the room spin.

    She brought me back to life with some bread and some beers,
    Gave me a hug and a kiss, and we laughed through our tears.
    But that wasn’t the end; we were just getting going.
    Something was beginning without either of us knowing
    How or why we were taking such a chance,
    So we just turned up the music and started to dance.
    Then she said, “Here’s something beautiful!” and right there started to create.
    You should see what that woman can do with a brush and some paint.

    The berry was our totem, our symbolic pledge
    To not just gaze out of the window but leap right off the ledge
    Without a parachute and with no sign of a net
    Because that’s how you find out if life’s done with you yet.
    It was our painful and perverse manifesto;
    Our dancing a chance to put on one hell of a show;
    And her painting a sacred ceremony to consecrate
    What turned out to be a pretty cool first date.

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    Berry nice, Poldy! I hope it was as good as the way you’ve told it.


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      Thanks, Muttado. I guess I would call my version an idealized account of actual events, but I really did take a bite from a habanero pepper even though my constitution does not tolerate spicy food very well. It was unpleasant. Not the first, last, nor most ridiculous thing I've done for romance, but maybe the only one from which I learned a lesson.

      "Lay off the insanity peppers."

      - Homer Simpson


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        Here we're getting past introductions, into deeper than pleasantries. I truly appreciate how you've expressed the motion(s) through dance. Clever.