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  • The Lamb

    On my own
    It's lonely here
    Wandering, alone
    Living in fear

    I've become the victim
    Amongst the many
    No one to hear me
    No one to save me

    Anxiety runs within
    I fear for my life
    Don't think I'll live another day
    I fear for my life
    I fear for my life

    Shadows, this enclosure
    Nothing to set me free
    A thousand eyes glaring
    No mercy for the weak

    Prey, the waiting target
    I won't survive
    Don't think I'll live to another day
    I won't survive
    I won't survive
    I won't get out of this alive

    "The lamb amongst the lions", figuratively speaking.

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    Sadly not everything ends well. You've captured that anxiety of the prey who know this well, Bry.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Indeed I have. Thank you

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    the lamb as victim. A recurring theme. Sometimes the victim turns victor and the lamb is the lion unseen


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      An awful thing, to be trapped in fear. You've captured that well.