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  • Who Am I?

    I talk to myself
    To the mirror
    For no good reason
    Just because

    Looking to myself
    And see the confusion
    That I am
    How on earth
    Did it turn to this?

    I see myself
    Not in the same way
    As I should
    Like before

    Who are you?
    What am I?
    What have I become?
    I hate myself

    (Who are you?)
    (Who am I?)

    Shatter the mirror
    Its pieces, my own skin
    It now represents
    A permanent sickness

    I look to myself
    I converse to myself
    For one more time
    To know just why
    I regret everything
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    A sorrowful soliloquy you've penned for us today Bry89. Hope the days are brighter soon.

    Regret, it rears a head
    unwanted, fully vaunted,
    leaving wake of wondering
    against what might have been.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      I actually wrote this on the perspective of a drug abuser, but it can be interpreted into anything else.