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  • Thanksgiving Song

    From whence come incentive of Thanksgiving song?
    Excitement to offer thanksgiving is strong.
    Calls writer of lyrics and musical notes,
    And bring forth glorious praise from thankful throats.

    From whence come the lyrics of Thanksgiving song?
    Written by hand of men or from angel’s pen?
    Words speak of God’s gifts granted straight from His throne,
    Grants so undeserved; so wondrous given.

    From whence come the glad tune of Thanksgiving song?
    Heaven’s melodic, angelic sing along.
    Divine power for weary souls all the day.
    Reminds the Lord walks by His child on the Way.

    From whence come the voices of Thanksgiving song?
    That this grateful anthem be heard by the throngs,
    By human voices, words in musical attire.
    Praise to the Lord, Leader of Thanksgiving’s Choir.