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  • Ruled by Gratitude

    This year's sonnet prayer of thanksgiving captures my reflections on a portion of St. Paul's admonition to the Colossian church (3:15-17).

    By reconciling rebels when he died,
    Your Son, O God, removed the obstacle
    To peaceful fellowship so we’d reside
    As one, with hearts ruled by his miracle.
    We lift our hearts to you in grateful song
    To celebrate the life he guaranteed:
    His promises that make us wise and strong,
    A plethora of timely grace, indeed.
    Identified as his, we strive in deed
    And word to live with gratitude and grace,
    To honor you, and never to mislead
    Or bring upon his name the least disgrace.
    Because of Christ our gratitude abounds
    In joy! Through Christ our thanks to you resounds!