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  • Into The Storm

    Lowering clouds, burgeoning, bruised;
    The air with eerie light is suffused.
    An approaching angry, rumbling sound
    Sends 'roos leaping hurriedly, homeward bound.

    The wind gathers strength and sends gust after gust
    Bearing great, red burdens of thick, blinding dust.
    The trees begin swaying, the leaves start to fly,
    And a flock of corellas wings raucously by.

    A few drops at first; tiny craters they form -
    Steam rises in wisps from soil still sun-warm;
    Now small pools puddle upon the ground
    And eddies of floaters spin 'round and around.

    Rain, blessed rain! And rivulets run
    Across parched soil to join as one,
    Filling the cracks the sun has dried out,
    Slaking the thirst from years of drought.

    The fall becomes heavy, the raindrops huge -
    It's many a year since such a deluge
    Has graced this farm where one family has dwelt
    - with wavering fortunes their livelihoods dealt.

    A flash splits the sky; another, then more:
    The driving rain, now a mighty downpour
    Soaks deep in the dust - to slurry it's changed -
    And the heavens bellow like demons deranged!

    Then, ‘mid the storm’s fury, the young bloke arrives
    Through the gates in the ute that he drives.
    This is his birthright, this country lad,
    Bound by his lineage to bide, good or bad.

    Dare he keep faith in this land that they own?
    (‘though up to their necks with a crippling loan)
    With continuing rain, might he then sew a crop -
    In time, perhaps profit and come out on top?

    He crosses the yard with a spring in his stride
    To his old family homestead, its verandas spread wide:
    And this farmer, buoyant with courage and pride
    Steps over the threshold, carrying his bride.

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    A well-told tale
    of love and not loess
    but the oxidised soil
    that pertains to Aus.
    Weathered by the eons gone
    rust makes itself at home
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      The labors of love and the fortunes of farming. The rain from above today feels quite charming. But when will the next? How are you hexed? Very well told tale of the Australian farmer, Mariont3155!


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        Very nice piece. I'm likely a bit biased, living on the farm now and coming from an area of the country sometimes plagued by drought, but I get it - and can appreciate how wonderfully you've related these truths in verse. Thank you.


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