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J. (A Love Song), Part 1

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  • J. (A Love Song), Part 1

    I’m going to tell you a story you might think you’ve heard before
    From other dummies like me, but you can handle one more.

    Another silly love song? Is that really what’s going on?
    Yes, it is, John, and you know damn well there’s nothing wrong
    With talking about how you think maybe you might care
    For someone, so, yeah, I really am gonna go there.
    I’m going to be pathetic like that and even a little bit cheesy.
    Don’t give me a hard time. You know it’s not easy
    To admit when someone begins to get under your skin
    And makes you start to wonder what kind of trouble you’re in.

    I’ll chase a chance to be happy, though; it’s one I’ll always take,
    Even though professed feelings sometimes turn out to be fake.
    Who’s knows how this will end; sometimes it’s in tears,
    But I not hiding away; I'm facing my fears.
    I might get played like a fiddle and wind up feeling like a fool,
    But’s that’s better than holding back and trying to play it cool.
    She’ll show me her crazy, and I’ll let her see mine.
    We’ll compare scars and say, “Yeah, it hurt, but it’s fine.”

    What I’m trying to get down here now before memories start to fade
    Is some idea of just exactly how this hand came to be played.
    We didn’t mean for it to happen; there wasn’t a plan,
    So we might forget later how it all began.
    Putting it into words helps get it straight in my mind
    Because I know a true partner is not easy to find.
    This is how it happened, from my perspective anyway,
    This is how I caught feelings for the woman I call J.

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    "You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs / I look around me and I see it isn't so" - "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney and Wings. And they're right because yours was needed, Poldy. Very nice!
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      Thank you, Muttado.

      My son (16yo high-school junior) has been frustrated lately because he's putting jokes and allusions into the projects he's working on in his video production class, but no one in his audience will tell him how brilliant and funny he is. 😲

      I told him that audiences have been disappointing writers for a long time (and also to produce work that pleases him but to also spend some more time thinking about his audience, about what kind of reaction he really desires from them and what type of content would be most likely to produce that reaction)

      Sorry to ramble, what I'm trying say is thank you, that I'm glad you made the connection and then took the time to tell me about it.

      Part 2 to come!


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        A little late to this thread but I wanted to be sure to read all three parts (will there be more to the story-or don't you know yet?) before adding my two cents. Muttado1sb hit the nail on the head when he quoted McCartney. Each one's love story is different, something to learn from, strive for, perhaps avoid - but beautiful in its own way.

        Wise words to your son, as well.