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  • Drive-thru Strife

    Drive-thru Line.jpg
    Maybe it Is only Me,
    Drive-thru Strife is What I see.
    Drinks or Food or Banking Lane,
    actions Seem to be the Same.

    Minute that You get in Line,
    manners Starting to Decline.
    Inch Worm crawl Could not be Bleaker,
    getting To the Order Speaker.

    Garbled voice That talks to You,
    volume High or Barely Spew.
    Double lanes that Merge to One,
    Danger Zone has just Begun.

    Stares to Glares to Knifing Eyes,
    take the Bait is Quite Unwise.
    Middle Finger might Salute,
    just be Kind and Resolute.

    “Fast” is Not the Word I’d Use,
    get my Stuff and then Cut Loose.
    When in Line my Only Thought,
    Drive on Thru and Not get Shot.
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    This fender bending
    danger zone
    is a recipe for

    Better, surely,
    to eat at home.
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      And less expensive - thanks!!!


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
        Editing a comment
        Did you add the photos after first post,
        or is my memory going?

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      After I made the post - we went through this line and decided to take a photo.


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        Photo nicely complements the poem which is an enjoyable wry slice of Bob


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          Thank you!!!!!


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            My special skill, when speaking of lines, is to find the slowest - despite the seeming length. I've learned to not mind it so much, take the time to pray for the cashier and even the sometimes jerks, and work on being extra nice when my turn comes - because they probably have to deal with unpleasantness all day.

            As always, your rumination brings a welcome smile!


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              Sometimes the people in line aren't so bad. In my town's Facebook page there are lot's of comment from people thanking the unknown person in the car ahead of them for paying for their order. But most of the time what you say is right on. And done so in your usual enjoyable way, Bob!


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                Thank you both!!! We were ordering - one time - in a double order line. As soon as we pulled forward - the guy in the other lane started yelling at us. He kept it up until we got to the window to pay. We paid for his order - always wondered what he thought? We have done the same for nice people behind us. A few times - when we have seen the car in front of us, give the person at the pay window a hard time - we have given that person some money as a tip. I don't know how some of those workers take orders, and money, at the same time. I sure could not do it.


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                  People take everything so seriously that it becomes a burden for them. Learn to laugh more. To me, laughter is as holy as prayer.


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                    Looks good to me - thanks!