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  • Cat.

    Look into that cold dismissive stare
    Ribbons of past lives are lying there
    Jade green eyes of mirrored mystery
    Roll back the tumbling years of history
    This perfumed fur you understand
    Once lay beneath Cleopatra’s hand
    Emeralds about my neck were hung
    In happy days when I was young
    A ships cat where I earned my bread
    Stalking the vermin as they fled
    Just to catch and not to eat
    I laid them at my captain’s feet
    The cottage where my mistress dwells
    Dispelling curses, cackling spells
    Across the starry heavens wide
    We take a besom broomstick ride
    You cared for me through my kitten days
    And you worry so when I go astray
    But when the full moon’s shining bright
    I'm but a creature of the night.

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    They do like to prowl, don't they? With nine lives apiece, there must be many, many interesting poem-tales to tell!


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      Cari y creative and interesting piece! Tells an interesting story. Stanzas 3 and 4 are simply brilliant!!!! Very very well done! Cari


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        I received this message from a friend last night.

        * * *

        Kitten has decided to come in. He is killing the [3] dogs with kindness. Rubbing his head on them and not giving in to the chase. Toby of course loves it. It took Toby an hour to get the bone from Snickers last night. He carried it over and gave it to Kitten. So ridiculously sweet it about killed me.

        * * *

        I know he prefers to roam, but I'm glad to hear he's come back in where it's safe and warm.


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          Yet still the cat is sitting there
          staring at me up on my chair
          saying Feed me

          At least that is what my cats are doing right now. A wonderful poem, Cari!