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My Sailor (A parody)

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  • My Sailor (A parody)

    The love of crossing oceans,
    of calm or stormy seas,
    of wild and howling tempest
    or mild and balmy breeze;
    the distant vistas beckon him
    'cause salt runs in his veins,
    and 'though I'm rooted to the shore
    with him my heart remains.

    I love a sunburnt sailor,
    a man with gormless charms;
    just rugged muscled shoulders
    and tattoos on his arms.
    I love his cheeky dimples,
    I love his family jewels -
    his taut and perky fundament
    excites my molecules!

    The blue-green of the ocean,
    the night sky filled with stars,
    the tempting call of sirens
    are life's blood to these tars.
    The steady thrum of engines
    beneath their busy feet
    is echoed deep within them -
    the rhythm of life's beat.

    Core of my heart, my sailor,
    whose eyes reflect the sky,
    the lure of foreign places
    just cannot pass him by.
    Together with his hearties
    he calls at tropic ports
    and likely, there indulges
    in lewd and lusty sports.

    Core of my heart, my sailor!
    Wherever he may roam
    across the vast blue oceans
    lick'd by briny foam;
    through squalls and stormy weather -
    watch, after many days
    he'll dream of us together
    and homeward may he gaze.

    Salt water's in his bloodstream
    and Hornpipe is his dance:
    Oh, my heart's forever captured
    by this nautical romance.
    I scan the far horizons
    when his ship is out at sea
    'til my able-bodied mariner
    comes sailing home to me!

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    Point me to the parodied
    for so it seems to me
    this piece alone could take its stand
    in any company.
    (I enjoyed it)


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      I'll second Johntee 's assessment. Reads like a true sea-faring tale, so the ribaldry was mildly carried. If I've already mentioned it, welcome to the zone Mariont3155 . Glad to read your posting.