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  • I’ll Sleep No More

    One moonless night
    startled awake
    I saw a sight
    that made me shake
    For standing there
    in some light’s glare
    was me at three

    To my chagrin
    my shocked surprise
    was mirrored in
    his/my young eyes
    as suddenly
    a memory
    flooded my head

    This omen sent
    filled me with dread
    I knew it meant
    I'd soon be dead
    My will did crack
    and I fell back
    to wait my fate

    For as a child
    I had a dream
    that was so wild
    I had to scream
    A man, like me
    I did then see
    was dead in bed

    A murdered man
    Stabbed through the heart
    And I knew then
    who played that part
    This room well met
    that nightmare’s set
    in my mind’s eye

    Hold on, I thought
    I’m still alive
    Had I forgot
    I would survive
    But three year me
    cried out loudly
    and said “He’s dead!”

    Next morn I woke
    grasping at life
    Feeling reborn
    Then saw the knife
    plunged through a note
    where someone wrote
    “Dreams Do Come True”

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    Okay, I'm counting this as participating in Halloween. Now I don't have to watch a scary movie or read Card's Lost Boys!

    I think you do a great job here of building suspense and taking us on a frightening journey in a few words.

    And, hey, free knife!


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, Poldy! It was a fun write. I think listening to the Alan Parsons Project album "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" and its Poe focussed songs influenced me a bit when I came up with it.
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    Tary with the frightening thought
    that once Dreams were tasked
    as to what they meant
    Divining lean Kine
    as hunger and drought,
    a proposition the Pharoah bought
    left Potiphar's Wife a malcontent


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, Johntee! I hadn't thought of Joseph's dream divination when I wrote this. And a wonderful rhyming response.

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    So tantalizingly Halloween - and carried in perfect Ha'Sonnet style throughout which lends a beautiful cadence when read aloud! A wonderful feat and I proclaim you master of the form!

    And besides all that, I really enjoy your writing. . Thanks for this treat.


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, RLW! This was a fun write that started as one ha'sonnet that wanted more, so I thought a couple. In the end it wrote itself into the seven here. I'm glad you enjoy it. I always enjoy your writing as well. I haven't been spending enough time writing lately - mostly because I'm trying to get caught up on my unread book stack.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Both worthy endeavors I'm sure!

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    Muttado - I loved the creativity of your breath holding stanzas and you captured my "surprise" with it all. It takes a poet's pen to do that and then wrap it in delicious suspense. You did real good M. Hats off! Namyh


    • Muttado1sb
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      Wow, Namyh! Thank you for such great praise! I am glad you enjoyed this!