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  • Pronouns

    I had always wondered why pronouns held so much sway,
    So I tried to figure out the difference between we and they,
    And them and us, and he and she,
    And don’t even get me started on I and me.
    I knew there was a chance I might get carried away,
    But I said set ‘em loose and let come what may.
    Surely reasonable people sometimes can disagree
    Without anyone having to get nailed to a tree.

    But if you show up with a list of things I’m not supposed to say or even think
    And another list of phrases you’d like me to lip sync,
    We’ve got a problem already, and I don’t think it’s with me.
    You might not be as enlightened as you’d like to be.
    I appreciate your problem, but don't make it a threat.
    I might be a jerk, but I’m not a marionette.
    If you try to play that way, there’s going to be an awful cost.
    You’re not changing the game; you’ve already lost.

    Don’t doubt you have the power to find the right word,
    But can we all please try as hard to listen as we do to be heard?