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Pilgrims and Poets.

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  • Pilgrims and Poets.

    In the patchwork land of green and gold
    They walked where Chaucer’s tales were told
    Cross the rambling rustic shires
    To raise their eyes to the towering spires
    From far flung lands across the sea
    From Avalon and Linden Lea
    Oh mother Church of England fair
    In morning mass and evening prayer
    Poets take up their pens and quills
    And write of blue remembered hills
    Ask is there honey still for tea
    In Avalon and Linden Lea.

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    Wonderfully melodic John. Lovely to recite aloud.


    • Cari
      Cari commented
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      So glad you enjoyed this little piece. Did you know that you can still walk the Pilgrims Way from London to Canterbury? But don’t be enticed to visit all the pubs along the way. Otherwise you may not get to journeys end, I know I speak from experience.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      LOL. I didn't know that. But it sounds like an enjoyable journey, either way.