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  • Bar Fly

    Bar Fly

    In search of

    Grace Note words

    I use the phase

    "Bar Flies"

    believing it

    a jazz tune.

    Unheard it seems

    in Northern Ireland’s

    climes where Bushmills

    not Jameson‘s is Steers

    man to drunken

    Irish Ulysses

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    The shape of this resembles a bowling pin to me - or a very shapely (possibly liquored-up) lady. Not sure I caught all the brand name references in the final four lines, but I like it.


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      Redbreast? Or the Two Gingers, Mary and Delia? We are indeed blessed that the water of life flows in so many fine flavors. Your words have made me thirsty.


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        I wonder if I got the meaning of the word Grace as a well known rebel song though probably not. We were invited to great gatherings though, but I’m afraid the cocktails’ were not for drinking.

        Nice piece friend, brings back a few memories.



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          In a N.I.writing group I was looking for a phrase to dress up the idea of an habitual drunk.
          Being English, my chosen phrase, Bar Fly, (a piece of Americana in fact) wasn't recognised by
          the others in the group. In writing this verse I used the words 'Grace Notes' to indicate the incidental
          nature of the words Bar Fly, incidental as grace notes are to the music they adorn, unaware
          that there might be any rebellion involved. The two Irish Whiskeys, Bushmills from
          Bushmills Distillery on the N.I. North Coast near The Giant's Causeway
          and Jameson's from the Dublin distillery epitomise the Irish schism.
          Joyce's Dublin bonded Ulysses might be expected to feature Jameson's


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            Now this little bit fills things out nicely.