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    Agape love is the highest form of all expressions of love. It is the
    kind of love that God has for us and that we are to have for each
    other. Agape love was displayed, in action, on the cross.

    John 3:16 records Jesus’ words,
    “For God so loved (agapaō) the world, that he gave his only
    Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but
    have eternal life.”

    Thus, the inspiration for this work.

    AGAPE that was strong yesterday,
    Will be as resilient tomorrow,
    Where AGAPE is in true display,
    Its power is inherently thorough.

    When LOVE is faithful and true today,
    It will on tomorrow bestow good,
    And diminish all that blocks the way,
    Toward mature Christian personhood.

    Where we found AGAPE yesterday,
    Along the highly traveled life-road,
    Today, we will find along that way,
    All the more so, if the truth be told.

    For our quest will be much more intense,
    When AGAPE is experienced,
    As an action based on moral sense,
    And worn as reverenced laureate.

    Life changed by the power of God’s LOVE,
    Shown fully in His beloved Son,
    Is AGAPE LOVE learnt from above,
    When from the cross, salvation was won.