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  • Lost

    My heart lost in a winding maze
    I can't escape from this cage
    It hurts to think of any other
    Even if you don't think the same

    I'm lost in this huge world
    Every thought hurts so much
    Bent over, my is body curled
    Pain that hurts without a touch

    My heart is in the gallows
    Love hanging by a thread
    An emptiness that disallows
    No words could be said

    I wish I could tell all these things
    But the pain it won't stop growing
    I'm starting to drown in these feelings
    All hidden behind the smile I'm showing

    So if I could ever tell you, all of these
    I'd just hope for you to be accepting
    I don't expect a return or have dreams
    Just for you to hear it and not break me
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    Nice work. I've been wanting to write a sad one, so it's nice to see one done so well. Great job putting into words how hard it can be sometimes to put strong feelings into words.


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      To be heard, even - perhaps particularly - in a failed or struggling relationship, is very relatable subject matter with a universal appeal. Nice job Michaelsummitt .

      Quick question - did you mean "it" S4L2W4 and "to" S4L3W3? You can edit your post if those are typos.