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My Struggle

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  • My Struggle

    Living a life without you
    Would always feel lonely
    I wish you felt that way too
    But that feeling is mine only

    Seeing you drives me mad
    It makes my heart hurt so bad
    I wish I could tell you how I feel
    For you alone, I would even kneel

    The thought of rejection
    It hurts all too much
    No path nor direction
    Could explain this crutch

    I've fallen so far for you
    My mind has grown clouded
    I'm broken, scared, and shrouded
    I wish you could see this side too

    For I know you as a friend
    And I know how you are
    I will just leave you as you are
    I always loved, how you're always kind

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    Breaking up is hard to do...always for one...if not both parties. You do a nice job of capturing that here.