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Party Time for Halloween

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  • Party Time for Halloween

    It was on the night before Halloween
    A more ghastly sight you have never seen
    The creepy committee met in the crypt
    The chairman laid down his bloodstained script
    ”Ok then it's all agreed and that’s just fine.
    Come on guys, its PARTY TIME”


    "For three hundred years
    I’ve wept these tears”

    said the old tormented nun
    But for tonight
    In the bright moonlight

    I’m a’going to have some fun"
    The lady in red
    Squealed “I know I’m dead.

    It’s not my fault I can’t lie down.
    So stuff you all I’m having a ball
    I’m all yours for half-a –crown”

    The headless horseman took her hand
    Together they danced to the ghostly band
    “I’d give you a kiss, if you had a head”

    He rubbed his belly and then he said
    ”No worries girl, kiss me here instead”

    Highwayman Bill from the city of Leeds
    Skewered to a tree for his dastardly deeds

    A hairy dude in need of a shave
    In spite of his predicament he joined in the Rave
    Drawing his flintlocks, a right handsome pair
    Fired them into the cold frosty air

    A flock of witches from far off Devon
    Ghouls from Glasgow in a 747
    Skeletons, phantoms, spirits galore
    Dancing, prancing, begging for more
    Then, by the light of a half hearted dawn

    Wended homeward on the October morn
    So sorry folk’s its all over I fear
    No ‘trick or treat’ for the kiddies this year
    The ghosties are knackered,
    their tired out and done
    They send their regrets for spoiling your fun

    Ok Halloween’s cancelled
    but don’t despair
    I’ll send Ma in Law over, God!!
    That ull give you a scare
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    Chilly capture of the season. Not sure why it was initially flagged - I've seen more descriptive poems before pass through.