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First name Michael - Last name Smith

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  • First name Michael - Last name Smith

    First name Michael – Last name Smith,
    most in U.S. that Named With.
    Is that Good – Is that Bad,
    those with It – Sad or Glad?

    Junior, Senior, or the Third,
    more to Total is Incurred.
    Different people – Still the Same,
    linked Together by a Name.

    Can get Lost within the Pack,
    or Stand Out – a Unique Track.
    As us All want to Forgo,
    ending Up as a John Doe.

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    Is this the most recent name? I'd be curious to see how that info has changed from year to year, but haven't had patience to look it up. Are "Michael" and "Smith" info from the Census Bureau? Interesting premise for a poem!


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      No - just from what I found online and I took some liberties. Michael is the most common first name in the US (female or male) and Smith is the most common last name. I don't know if there are any more Michael Smith's running around than any other named person.


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        The Smith, a man of mighty thews.
        Michael as Saint courage imbues
        and strength then for wordly blows.
        United in one, can the nominee lose


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          Thank you!