I planted a tree
The other day
I watered it in
Then walked away

I walked a while
Then took a rest
I saw Nature at
Its very best

Then a bird ---- swooped down
Out of the sky
I watched it as
It flew nearby

It was white ---- and gray
But mostly blue
It looked much ---- the way
That Blue Jays do

The bird landed ---- near me
On the ground
The soil was moist
And rich ---- dark brown

The bird made ---- a gentle
Friendly squeak
It had a pointed seed
Held in its beak

It was a pointy acorn
Chestnut brown
The bird tapped it gently
On the ground

Because the seed ----- was pointed
Long and thin
The bird ---- just simply
Pushed it in

With the seed ---- firmly planted
In the ground
The bird flew away
Without a sound

And in just ---- as little
As two weeks out
The pointed acorn
Began to sprout

I knew acorns ---- were planted
By furry squirrels
With their nervous ways
And tails in curls

But it never ever
Occurred to me
That a bird could also
Plant a tree