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  • Behind Sight 20/20

    I'm a glutton for punishment but I couldn't resist this one . I hope you can see it my way

    Behind Sight 20/20 ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    Behind Sight 20/20 , " We Better Watch our *ss "
    Let's not give those snakes and the dragon a pass
    Even with one eye shut it's clear and focused
    We haven't capsized and that's a bonus
    It's okay if you need corrective lenses
    Just don't mix words because nothing is blended
    We were given the play book back in the class of '76 ( 1776 )
    Ever since then " Our Heisman Trophy " has withstood rocks and bricks
    Our stagecoach and team of horses are still going strong
    We've been steadily making the trip and this is " just the prologue " !
    Our driver and the guy riding shotgun might be covered with dust
    But he has a good hold of the reins and it's still , " In God we trust "
    We've been averted away from " going over the edge " many times
    All because we've had enough sense not to , " Give in or Go Over the Line "
    Everyone one of us has said over the years " these crazy politicians "
    Then some are blinded by rage when one who ISN'T , steps in
    This storm isn't letting up anytime soon , so stand firm and don't hover
    I'm afraid even Johnny Nash * might have to take cover
    As near as I can tell and as far as I can see
    This country still means a whole lot to everyone , including me !
    Isn't it ironic ? , those who claim to see above the rest , protest and scoff
    Only because they're up to their eyeballs in the " Me-me " trough
    Lady Justice may be blindfolded but she's still in control
    It's a blindfold not blinders and sees both sides of the toll
    There are those who want to pull the wool over our eyes
    That wool comes from " wolves in sheep clothing " , that's who I despise
    " Our trophy " is threatened by " words , thoughts and now even pictures "
    That " Red Flag " should tell you something about these evil creatures
    I'd like to quote from a movie I saw with that fine actor , John Candy ***
    " I like me and I'm not changing " and that folks is , "dandy "
    Behind Sight 20/20 just might not be a bad thing here !
    Because what this Nation stands for I hold dear
    The bad guy's motto is , " The hand is quicker than the eye ",
    So hold on to those presents and, " Christmas pie "
    Make no mistake take a good " double-take " look
    Their vision is division , their action is refraction , they're crooks
    Just be at the ready with a , "hand between the eyes "
    With these stooges around it's no surprise
    It's a slap to the face that goes way beyond
    Let me make it clear . " keep your safety glasses on "

    * Johnny Nash : who sang , " I can see clearly now " -released June 23, 1972
    * Midnight Run - released July 20, 1988
    ** Trains Planes and Automobiles - released November 25, 1987

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    This "raps" it up nicely Glen MItton !


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      For a few months now I've been pre-wincing in anticipation of 20/20 wordplay, but I'm ready for more now after reading this. It was fun to read and leaves me with the impression it was also fun to write. Thanks for sharing your joy and love.

      The notes were also helpful. Even the "as far as I can see" line didn't clue me in. I just kept thinking of the mathematician John Nash and couldn't make a connection.

      Thanks, again, partner. You're welcome to ride shotgun on my stagecoach anytime. Write on!