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    I always say that if it has to be said then it probably isn’t true,
    But I’m going to take a moment to say a true thing to you.
    Even though I made it up, and I might not even be real,
    There’s a little bit I know and a little more I feel.
    I’ll make it sad and silly, a boring cliché,
    But the truth is all I have left to say.
    I’ll try to put it into words before I fall through the trap door
    Because I’m the only one I know how to speak for.

    I always try to be ready to love, run, or fight;
    Sometimes I do all three in the very same night.
    No matter the case, whether slapped, trapped, or snapped,
    I always manage somehow to improvise and adapt.
    I’ve seen some crazy things that would amaze and astound;
    I’ve woke up next to beauty and I’ve woke up on the ground.
    I just brush off the bits and pieces, feel around for my towel,
    Try to figure out what and figure out how.

    But when I puff out my chest sometimes I choke on the air
    And always try to play it cool like I don’t even care,
    To be indifferent alike to criticism and praise,
    To try to make the most out of my dwindling days
    Even when I’m down in the mud or up against the wall
    Or trying to pick myself up after a spectacular fall.
    Others have said it better; I know I’m not the first
    To want to do his best when things are at their worst.

    I’ve never been very willing to follow any command,
    But the wise ones I’ve found have tried to help me understand
    How to stretch my mind as far as thought can reach;
    It’s still never enough to hold all they have to teach
    About this enchanted wilderness, heaven and hell,
    How we’ve all been through more than we could ever tell.
    I’ll never find the words, but maybe my life will somehow show
    I’ve made my peace with the fact I’ll never know what I know.

    Now I don’t know what to think, what to do, or what to say,
    But I’m grateful for the good ones that I’ve met along my way.
    The wisest one says he knows nothing at all.
    I heard what he said, and for a moment I saw.
    Then another moment came and what I saw was gone;
    Ain’t never nothing to do but keep on keepin’ on.
    There’s a whole, howling universe I’ll never explain,
    But I can feel it flowing through me when someone eases my pain.

    The eternal flux of it all is all that we are,
    And we’re all just each other, and we’re all so bizarre.
    When I felt the end coming on I said to my son,
    “You know, I’ve had a pretty good run.”
    Even though we both know I haven’t, not even close.
    In fact, I might be a little worse off than most.
    I gave it a shot and fucked it up pretty bad,
    But he still loves me enough to say he’s proud I’m his dad.

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    Quite the self-reflection with honesty loudly on display. Like the redemption line at the end, particularly given the title.


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      Really enjoyed this poem! It is definitely my type of forte. I like to think about things and ponder about them. Kind of like an examination of your own life and those who have directly or indirectly influenced it. Great read!