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    Sometimes things get out of hand, as you will see
    When I tell you this story that happened to me.
    There was some good and some bad and some stuff in between;
    I really can’t believe the crazy stuff I’ve seen.
    It was kind of a blessing and kind of a curse
    To glimpse the beating heart of the universe.
    The whole thing sounds crazy, but some of it is true.
    Watch out for yourself, or it could happen to you.

    I was walking alone with Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
    When I woke up in jail next to Henry David Thoreau.
    He said, “Are you that crazy drunk, Vincent van Gogh?”
    I didn’t think I was, but how could I know?
    And why in the world was I locked in a cage?
    Did this kind of stuff still go on in this day and age?
    The situation was bad and about to get worse;
    I had a feeling we might wind up sharing a hearse.

    I was all out of sorts, just not in my groove,
    But still felt like I had something to prove
    And it was time for me to make some kind of smooth move.
    They said they had to lock me up for being uncouth.
    Complaining about the price of the voting booth
    Had proved to be too much for the brown-shirted youth.
    I knew I was going to have to show some style and grace
    If I was going to get away from that horrible place.

    Henry said, “I’m not paying that tax and I don’t give a damn.
    Fuck every politician and fuck Uncle Sam.”
    Something, something, politics was all that I heard
    Because my hearing was as hindered as my vision was blurred.
    I told him when my head felt better I would listen to every word,
    But now at this moment we had some loins to gird.
    I get it. I know it’s all a big scam
    But that doesn’t change the fact we’re in an awful jam.

    I was trying to be a loyal acolyte,
    But being locked up gave me an awful fright.
    There was no way we were getting out of there without a fight,
    And I didn’t even know if we were wrong or right.
    I said we had to find a way to expedite
    Our exodus from that dreadful plight.
    I didn’t want to stay there even one more night,
    But if we didn’t do something soon we just might.

    With a sly grin he agreed, to my dismay,
    That we needed to leave that place without delay.
    He looked at the lock and said, “There is no key
    Because there is no lock. You’ve always been free.”
    “Uh-oh,” I said as the walls melted away
    That sounds like something someone crazy would say.
    I had been pretty sure we were stuck in that dimension,
    But floating now through space he had my attention.

    Lights somewhere started to twinkle and flash;
    I glanced at laughing buddha but he just laughed.
    The next thing I might have said could have been pretty cool,
    But instead I stood in silence, struck dumb like a fool.
    I tried to play it off and appear steadfast,
    But I was starting to think I might have been miscast.
    Maybe this was for other people but not the thing for me,
    And I wondered if I could go hide out and live under some dark sea.

    I was sweating a lot because my head was so warm
    But somehow, someway we passed through the storm
    And the atoms around me found a familiar form.
    It was the face of a pretty girl I had once seen.
    Her eyes were like the moon, soft and serene,
    And I started to say something I couldn’t possibly mean.
    Then her eyes turned into something more like the sun,
    Severe and indifferent, like a hired gun.

    “Wake up, dummy!” said a voice, “And brace for impact!”
    If it’s all the same, I thought, I’d rather sleep through that.
    Good grief, who knows how long this shit’s gonna last?
    Not me, but I know it’s rolling downhill fast.
    I can feel things around me starting to transmute
    But into who or what I just can’t compute.
    As I’m doing my best with this mess and trying to stay resolute,
    I’m learning my capabilities are intense but not absolute.

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    Trippin' in rhyme. That's a feat.


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      Nice Poldy!!!! I like this format. And I like these type of poems!!!!! Great Job!!!!!