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    Listen up, all you people; get ready for the show.
    From my tongue to your ear; I’ll tell you what I know.
    It’s not very much, but it won’t take long
    For you to fall under the spell of my siren song.
    Something here’s gonna tickle a nerve or two just right,
    And you’ll hang on every word for the rest of the night.
    And for days to come, bouncing around in your head,
    You still will be thinking about something that I’ve said.

    Go ahead. I don’t mind. Take time to give it a good think
    Because I’ve found sometimes just as you approach the brink
    Of coherent thought or even an epiphany
    The thing gets lost in the polyphony
    Of sounds and voices vying for space in your mind,
    And then before you know it you’ve fallen so far behind
    That what you need is as close but as far as yesterday
    And you’re stuck there not knowing what to do or what to say.

    If you get confused and start feeling funny that way,
    Do like the man says; listen to the music play.
    Move your body to the beat; go with the flow,
    Like the kids used to do down in Tupelo.
    It’s alright, mama; it’s good for you
    To move a little bit. You’ll find your way through.
    Dance a little bit and then dance a little more,
    Dance as much as you can; it’s what the music’s for.

    Get lost in the dance, let your mind take a break
    From worrying about every single head and heartache.
    Every problem still will be there to deal with when you’re able;
    Letting go a little bit will help you feel a bit more stable.
    You’ll be a little stronger and not feel so distraught
    And soon you will be ready to give your life another shot.
    And if your mind needs a work-out, then maybe take a look
    At a painting, a sculpture, a poem, or a book.

    In one, a bloody child told me to scorn the power of man
    (Which, actually, all along, had kind of been the plan.)
    And said none of woman born could stop the power of my verse,
    So by the time I’m finished here you’ll probably need a nurse
    To rip you from that womb, the one where you like to hide.
    Don’t lock yourself away and have to admit you never tried;
    Get up once in a while and check out the world outside.
    You might find that in some way you will be purified.

    You might be pleasantly surprised by who and what you find
    And even find yourself in a better frame of mind.
    The world always looks worse when you see it through a screen,
    But when you’re out there in it you might see what I mean.
    Things aren’t quite as bad when you look with your own eyes;
    When they start to get weird, you find a way to compromise.
    Walk away from the ones who only wanna start some beef
    And find the kind who think the world could use a little bit less grief.

    I think I sound real smart with all these winters on my brow,
    Even though the devil’s honest trifles still get in my head somehow.
    They’ve turned me inside out before and caused pain for my loved ones,
    Even those I love the most, like my daughter and my sons.
    That’s why I’m trying so hard now to save them from my fate;
    Even though it’s getting dark, I feel like it’s not too late
    To offer up a little something that might help in the long run;
    I’ve made a conscious choice and I hope it’s not the wrong one.
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    Nice work Poldy ! I'm a fan of enjambment and appreciated it's use in some of these stanzas.


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      Very nice, Poldy! I like the flow, how you wove the story around the rhyme.


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        Nice work Poldy - This reminded me of an old saying that "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music". Sometimes the "winters on our brow" can be just the hand of experience that helps a soul out of a pit or prevents another soul from falling into one. Most enjoyed Poldy. Namyh