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  • Second Time Through

    When you spoke your mind, I’m sorry that I laughed.
    I think that I might have been a little bit smashed.
    And you were, too; we were having a blast.
    It wasn’t the first time and wasn’t the last.
    It’s hard to keep up when time’s moving so fast,
    But what’s done is done. Leave it in the past.

    But what would you do on your second time through?
    If you could do it again, and you knew what you knew?
    Would you still do again what you’re about to do,
    Or could knowing what you now know motivate you
    To consider a slightly different point of view?
    What would you do with a second time through?

    The second time through I would do it right.
    If I had a do-over, I think that I might
    Find a way to avoid my woeful plight.
    I could taste more sweetness and see more light,
    Stay up all night and be just out of sight.
    I could make you all love me. I could do it right.

    I’d live out my thoughts instead of writing them down.
    I’d be an action verb, not a common noun,
    And I’d remember that the innocent always drown.
    I’d pick myself up and lose the frown,
    Then put on my crown and my very best gown,
    Grab a brush and paint the town.

    If I could do it again, I wouldn’t have to scrape by.
    The second time through I would electrify.
    I wouldn’t be the same old boring guy.
    I might even go forth and multiply.
    I’d find someone to hold me when I cry
    And even say nice things about me after I die.

    The second time through you’d see the real me.
    No faults. No mistakes. As cool as can be.
    I’d be the first one to grow an awesome goatee,
    And when I sang a song it’d be in the right key.
    My name would be in lights on every marquee,
    And all the rubes would take pictures so their friends could see.

    There would be no limits to the heights I could climb;
    I’d fix the economy and put an end to all crime.
    They couldn’t make a word that I couldn’t rhyme,
    Even if I had to go look up “paradigm”
    And learn it’s the general perspective at a given time
    In a particular discipline like prop comedy or mime.

    When I walked down the street, people would cheer,
    And not one of them ever would be insincere.
    Things would get better with each passing year
    As we watched all our problems just disappear.
    There would be only love and not a hint of fear,
    Good food, chill music, and always plenty of beer.

    If I only knew what I know I’d be so smart
    And have books full of wisdom I could impart.
    I wouldn’t get nervous when you spoke from the heart,
    And my relationships wouldn’t always fall apart.
    But I know that I’m not going to get a fresh start.
    The show goes on and I keep playing my part.

    It’s okay with me if I get just the one shot.
    If that’s all there is, I’d rather have it than not.
    I’m never going to hit a big jackpot,
    And most of what I know I’ve already forgot.
    I guess all I can be is food for worms and thought,
    But wherever I am is a beautiful spot.