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The Tyrants Den

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  • The Tyrants Den

    In tribute to Lt. Col. John W. Bell,
    B24 pilot during WWII.

    He was an ace in his flying machine,
    Could spiral downward at full speed,
    Then pull out and level off just in time,
    To touch down safely on the landing field.

    Well taught and ready for hostile combat,
    Sent off to fight, our freedom to defend,
    Was not there to socialize or chat,
    But to drop bombs upon the tyrant’s den.

    Flying with skill of a bat in the night,
    He hit the targets time and time again,
    Each sortie could have been his last flight,
    Into the cold heart of the tyrant’s den.

    He sat bravely in the pilot’s hot seat,
    Shrapnel went through the wing and cockpit pane,
    But he flew committed to defeat,
    The wicked intents of the tyrant’s den.

    And when the final victory was won,
    He came back home, a new life to begin,
    In a nation singing freedom’s song,
    Having put an end to the tyrant’s den.