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Out of the Frying Pan - ( in G Major )

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  • Out of the Frying Pan - ( in G Major )

    I love this new hobby of mine , I get to do research , This was kind of interesting so I thought I might share it , who knew ?

    Out of the Frying Pan - ( in G Major ) ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire
    That is a place that no one desires
    That fire is hot so it makes you think
    All of your brain cells start to link

    They did just that on On September 2 , 1890
    An idea was played upon that was high and mighty
    His name was George Breed a Naval combatant
    On that fine day he was granted a patent *

    Today it is known as the " electric guitar "
    The devil was deafened by this shinning star
    14 years earlier Alexander Graham Bell **
    Amplified sound with electricity it worked quite well

    With this knowledge George came to the conclusion
    That the magnetic properties were no illusion
    The vibration of sound could then be induced
    Using this effect George gave it a boost

    Breed's guitar was powered by batteries
    A major minor set back to some degree
    His design was bulky and it was heavy
    It could be played if you held it steady

    There it was folks , a stringed instrument of course
    Producing sound with the " Electro Magnetic Force "
    Because of Bell's work in the field of acoustics
    Gave George the right cord to produce his music

    Another George , George Beauchamp was his name
    Was an inventor and musician just the same
    With his friend the tool maker Adolph Rickenbacher
    Applied for their patent , an electric " Lap " steel guitar ***

    Massed produced as the " the "Frying Pan" Electro Hawaiian
    All because of Breed , the guy who was trying
    His avant-garde idea stands alone
    It truly is the electric guitars home

    While Fender , Paul and Gibson get all the fame
    Let's not forget the TRUE pioneers name
    Beauchamp and Rickenbacher might of " tuned it up "
    George breed was first on the books,so he gets the cup

    The devil's only happy when there's no joyful sound
    He knows that it's music makes the world go around
    The empty void is the devil's solitude
    Man overcame it with his peak attitude

    Out of the frying pan , so to speak
    Came an instrument that was unique
    A collective effort , a splendid surprise
    Now it's a thorn in the devil's side

    * patent no. 435,679); it appears to be the first application of electricity to a fretted string instrument.

    ** March 7, 1876

    **** . Patented no. 2,089,171 Aug. 10 , 1937 the " The Rickenbacher A-22 "
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    That last know is suppose to be a Now at last it got me again


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