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I'm saying Goodbye to Imports

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  • I'm saying Goodbye to Imports

    I thought I'd post this again in support of what's going on with the trade wars , enjoy again !.

    I'm saying Goodbye to Imports ( c ) Glen Mitton 2017

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Au Revoir , Auf Wiedersehen ( French , German , )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    I know that sounds insane
    I've had it up to my chin you see
    From here on out I'm import free
    No more imports for me

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Adeus , Adiós' ( Portuguese , Spanish )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    I've had an overdose
    It's not made here I wont buy it
    I'm going on an import diet
    I will not deny it

    A rose by any other name is still a rose
    My goodbye means just that , and I say it to oppose
    Any kind of import, it makes me want to burst
    So when I say it , what I mean is , Wǒ bìxū xiān líkāi - I must leave first
    ( Chinese )

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Heippa , Farvel ( Finnish , Dutch )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    What is there to tell
    No more imported merchandise
    Doesn't matter what's the price
    I wont even think twice

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Proshchay , Doviđenja ( Russian , Croatian )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    So , so long see ya !
    Hit the brakes put it in reverse
    I'm going to put America first
    Shopping will be well versed

    Under cutting our workers is like cutting our own throats
    It's not about " free trade " , that it really gets my goat
    We get slaughtered at the market , at our own expense
    Make it here , buy it here , that's just common sense

    I'm saying goodbye to Imports
    Antio sas , Addio ( Greek , Italian )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    This is what I know
    It's a new game of Chinese Checkers
    Let's all try and make the effort
    Read the small print letters

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Annyeong , Sayōnara , ( Korean , Japanese )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    It's like a big seesaw
    It takes two too do the tango
    We're left up in the air to dangle ,
    and that's a bad angle

    This is my two cents and I want more pocket change
    We are being tapped out , so I don't think that it's strange
    When I say in earnest , help your neighbors out
    We're all in this together , so stand up and shout !

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Alavida , Ayubōvan ( Hindi , Sinhala )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    Go and tell your Ma
    It's a problem we can't ignore
    Who else are we fighting for
    Down at the family store

    I'm saying goodbye to imports
    Wadaeaan , Lehitraot ( Arabic , Hebrew )
    I'm gonna go cold turkey
    Here's a simple thought
    The interest gained is yours and mine
    Coming back ten - fold over time
    That is the bottom line

    The deals that were made , led us down the garden path
    The subtraction to our Nation's wealth is very easy math
    When others benefit , off our hard working dime
    Self preservation shouldn't be considered a crime

    Shop and Buy , Made in the U.S.A.

    I used ,

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    When I started reading this
    it came with the lilt of
    "Albert and the Lion"
    as recited by
    Stanley Holloway (the Dustman in "My Fair Lady")
    unfortunately the
    second line
    broke step
    may I suggest
    Au Revoir , Auf Wiedersehen. What's Dutch?
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      Thanks for the comment , I just watched " Albert and the Lion " recited on YouTube that was nice I never heard of that before thanks ! , as for what's Dutch ?.I do apologize I should of used the reference it to as Danish not Dutch my bad , Dutch was on the list and threw me off . thanks for the note


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        Dutch is Vaarwel


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          Clever compendium of verses to opine the sentiments of many. I wonder, if it's possible to reverse the tide of having things cheap, fast, and easy in the USA? I also wonder if other countries' citizens feel accosted in similar fashion? Let us know, zone poets from around the globe.