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  • October Day

    October Day

    Fall sunset on mums and front garden pump.JPG

    I’ll wind you round

    and follow, Fall,

    to all the places you portend

    ’til at your end we both

    arrive at winter’s whir.

    No brrr to bind us yet

    but only hint of coolness

    sneaking here, then there,

    to shiver toes left

    barren to the sod.

    At nod of day, sun

    turning ever westward

    down, you crown each

    color-turning tip

    with line of gold.

    Not once grown old,

    this yearly season’s

    step upon life’s stage.

    We play your tune, while

    bracing for first dust of white*.


    *First dusting of snow flurries predicted for Wednesday overnight.

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    Perfect post with amazing style you have just posted here,
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      Well wintered
      a pump head
      claims the eye
      Century skeletal
      no life remains
      to rest before
      the shriven tree


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Yet on reflection, this very device once helped deliver precious water from down deep below...too late and distant for yonder tree, it's true. That particular tree will have to come down one day, but I'm reluctant for the event.

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving your wonderful musings! Much appreciated!

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      Well done as always, RLW!!!! Nice way to herald the expected weather!


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Thanks for taking a look Rhymeboy! How've you been? The first "dusting of white" is predicted for late this afternoon, though we're still nearly two months from the official start of winter. So it goes.

      • Rhymeboy
        Rhymeboy commented
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        I'm fine RLW! Thanks for asking! I'm glad to see that the chilling weather has been very inspirational for you.Keep the masterpieces coming!