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    pi NBA ll ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    These flippers should be called dolphins
    Because money is their endorphins
    They have their eye on the ball
    Only it's green as they spread and sprawl
    " Wipe your chins your starting to dribble "
    " Then again money isn't much of a riddle "
    What a bunch of bologna
    This game of " horse " is run by short sighted phonies
    Wow ! , one man voices his opinion
    Now we know the " true dominion "
    Giving up " Freedom " for a cheap shot free throw
    This is a bend over backwards acrobatic circus show
    What a blatant " foul " on all of us
    How fast they threw the towel * under the bus
    No need to guess the score the buzzer sounded
    The outsiders have won and we're all grounded
    Talk about jumping thru hoops !
    We're all being thrown for a loop ?
    This is just a distraction , " a pass behind the back "
    We have to watch our six , because we're under attack

    * Loyal Patriotic Fans