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  • Teaching Poetry.

    “I take it that you have read some poetry Bill?”
    “Well bits and pieces like.”
    “Such as?”
    “Er- one by that sailor bloke, forget his name, I must go down to the sea again—.”
    “Oh yes John Masefield, that’s old tat now Bill, poetry now is all from the modernist and post modernist school. It’s like this, the poet writes a poem then it’s up to the reader to make sense of it. Now I’ve downloaded the latest poem by Sebastian Peasemold, read it through and tell me what you think.”

    “Its gibberish”
    “Yes of course its gibberish but its intelligent gibberish.”
    “Oh right.”
    “Some call it Do it Yourself Poetry without a construction manual.”
    “Sounds bloody hard to me mate.”
    “Yes well sometimes you have to move your mind to another dimension.”
    “Beryl said I have enough trouble living in this one.”
    “Never mind, what does this line means. Goats conventionally emblemize lust.”
    “Randy goats?”
    “No-- No you can’t take the meaning from how it’s written. Look, take it home with you and I’ll give you a bell next week.”

    A week later.

    “Hullo Bill its Cyril, about the poem have you got the meaning yet?
    ?Thought so, simple wasn’t it? A mimetic representation of a social construct
    “I didn’t get that”
    “No, what did you get?
    “How the hell did you get coconuts?
    “ Line 24, answers lay in the kernel of my palm--= Kernel=nut, Palm= Palm Trees=coconuts, easy peasy.”
    “Bill, you’re a Philistine.”
    “No I’m not, I’m English.”

    Authors Note
    I’m with Steven Fry when it comes to modern poetry. As he said on his resignation letter from one of the judges of modern poetry “ I’m afraid there is so much time I can spend listening to outpourings of XXXX drivel.”

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    Sea Fever :-

    An echo of empire.
    an age
    away from
    The Wasteland
    or beat poet Howl
    This is the way the World
    Goes, not with a bang but a whisper of despair.
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    • Cari
      Cari commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh I’m not a lover of jingoistic poetry either but it at least it was understandable. I’m much of a live and let live guy but when you get quotes like ‘Poetry doesn’t require to be understood’ and everything that poetry meant before the French modernists appeared is thrown into the trash can, the hairs on the back of my head bristles.

      Thanks for reading

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    In classic pieces I am not well versed. However, much of the modernist poetry I've seen leaves me scratching my head.

    I started, and remain most comfortable, as a rhymer. However, work in the zone encourages me to branch out. I've been introduced to many forms here with which I was previously unacquainted.

    Every day draws me nearer to return of the formal learning phase. I look expectantly forward to it - particularly the classics!