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  • Oasis

    Oasis, hallowed site surrounded by sand,
    Haven for ancient and modern nomadic band,
    Like atoll in midst of ocean deep,
    Much like port where ships quietly sleep.

    A fertile patch of cornucopia delight,
    Food and drink typical of a tropical site,
    Offers time of grateful interlude,
    Palm trees stand guard over solitude.

    Green area amidst a frozen white landscape,

    Desert’s balm of water and delicious palm dates,
    Fertile parcel where lowly spirits soar,

    Sanctum of peace from world’s strong uproar.

    Beautiful as a lush green park by ocean beach,
    Inn in the desert providing pleasant retreat,
    Oasis for those in between ports,
    Nature’s uppermost private resort.

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    I've not yet visited an actual oasis, only seen pictures, but I understand the need for refuge and renewal quite well. I think you captured that here, and could probably have even added even more verses!


    • Cari
      Cari commented
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      After my army service I spent two years in Africa mostly on the high plains of the Cameroons and Chad where without water you wouldn’t last a week. The few oases there were not as beautiful as yours are but a sanctuary nevertheless.
      Nice poem

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    • tigerman
      tigerman commented
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      I did write more. See my post "Oasis Revisited".