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Eighty Years Old

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  • Eighty Years Old

    Yeah, I’m eighty years old and still got life to go,

    Cannot wait to see what’s up ahead to know,

    My hair is gray and I walk kind of slow,

    More content than if I had a bank full of gold.

    Have had opportunities to study and grow,

    Crossed America from shore to shining shore,

    But thirst for more in life isn’t in limbo,

    Experience and knowledge have pled to do more.

    Fortunate to have surpassed my ten and three score,

    Don’t plan to stop until there is breath no more,

    Just cannot believe how fast life has flown,

    Another flicker and the balance will be gone.

    All my misdeeds and failings have been forgiven,

    There is hope for me beyond the horizon,

    Pray God’s grace sees me on, may it be so,

    For I’m eighty years old and still have life to go.
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    By length
    three score a ten
    a decade on
    By width
    a Continent forgone
    By depth
    a horizon
    that speaks volumes
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      A satisfied life recalled and expanded. Nicely done.