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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Idealizing future or past...makes for lovely poetry. Thanks for sharing this beauty!

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  • Cari
    commented on 's reply
    You are absolutely right, recall after years tends to glamorise the past. I acknowledged this trait in the first stanza-- Shape your hair to frame my illusions
    thanks for reading and your comment

  • Johntee
    Is this how memory works?
    Summoned, an ideal
    rewritten at each recall;
    you retouch the faded folds
    with a painter's brush of words

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  • Cari
    started a topic Lydia.


    With the beguiling pallet of memory
    I re-arrange your face to fit my fancy
    Soften your voice, widen your smile
    Shape your hair to frame my illusions
    There now
    Take your place in my dreams
    Where shall we meet?
    It has to be summertime
    Maybe in the evening cool
    Away from Oxford tearooms
    The Queens and the Rose
    I will not share you with
    Post Etonian chatter
    And overpriced Darjeeling
    That faraway Sunday
    Lost in the Vale of the White Horse
    Where we asked the ducks
    Permission to rest a while
    Neath the willow fronds
    Seeking nervous conversation
    You babble Russian poetry
    Till I stop the ramble of words
    With my lips
    And we laugh at the disapproving ducks
    With the last brush strokes
    The portrait is complete
    Stowed in a mind crevice
    For release
    In the lonely hours.

    Authors note.

    This poem refers to the girl I spent a summer holiday with in Oxford and then we went our separate ways with no hard feelings.