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  • Unre- GRETA - bLE

    I should of picked Desperado by the Eagles , because these people are DESPERATE !, hold on to your wallets and don't turn your backs on them. Just having fun as usual

    Unre - GRETA - bLE Glen Mitton 2019
    ( to the tune of Unforgettable by Nate King Cole )

    Unre- GRETA -bLE
    You want to be a star
    Unre- GRETA -bLE
    That your nearer than you are
    Like a broken record that haunts over me
    How that nausea feeling You give to me
    Never have I heard anything so absurd

    Unre- GRETTA -bLE
    I think that it's a crime
    Change the channel
    Your on all the time
    That's me crying it's so annoying
    That they're are some who's enjoying
    Thinks nothing of abusing little kids

    La la la la la , " WAIT " ! blah blah blah blah
    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ....

    Unre- GRETA -bLE
    It's so not cool
    And furthermore
    Go back to your school
    That's where your suppose to me
    Not in front of me
    Thinks I'll give up television for Lent

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    An unforgettable standard
    Your on all the time (You're)


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      Lighten up John you missed one , I caught my mistake as soon as I hit post .Greta got to me what can I say but my bad , no excuse on my part