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The Beagle is No Longer Regal

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  • The Beagle is No Longer Regal

    The Beagle is No Longer Regal ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    Being politically correct will always be dickered
    Do we have to bring " All creatures great and small " into the picture ?
    Why is " Man's Best Friend " even up for debate ?
    Poor Rover is now literally in the hot plate !

    The English just lifted the ban , " NOT TO EAT DOG " !
    This puts the " man / beast " relationship into a fog
    'CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE is the British claim
    That excuse is outrageously LAME !

    For whom the bells toll ?
    " It's because poor Rover's in the bowl " !
    This preposterous puzzle is perplex
    Is this how a queen appeases her subjects ?

    We all know the saying , " When in Rome "
    But you're not there Olivia , are you Jerome !
    Your having tea for God's sake
    That's " Bosintang " not Beefsteak ! *

    If you were traveling in the " far east " ,
    And were hankering for a local feast
    By all means partake in the indigenous cuisine
    But your not Bobby ! , and I think that's mean

    God forbid if they were to offend anybody
    What about our four legged buddies ?
    " Wok your dog " is suppose to be a joke
    " Not to be taken seriously old Bloke " !

    This gives " Red Rover Red Rover " a new meaning
    All I can think of now , is a big stock pot steaming
    How you say " sit " and " stay " without remorse
    I guess I could argue this until I am " HORSE " !

    Oh my God ! , I just lost my appetite
    " I mean if your starving , I guess it's all right " ( I would starve )
    Domestic livestock is there for a reason
    This is " carnivorous canine " treason

    Remember the cartoon , " The lady and the Tramp " ?
    That fuzzy guy sure was a champ !
    Now when I think of that cute scene ," in the alley "
    All I can see now is a plate full of tomalley ! **

    Dog napping happens all the time
    I feel this will only increase the crime
    " Their pet's better be on a strong leash "
    " Pretty Phoebe might wind up in a quiche " !

    Don't take this to hard and get your panties in a bunch
    This is just my opinion , but it will never be my lunch
    I do have an open mind and I'm still willing to try some " Haggis "
    However , " puppy pudding " , will never come to practice

    * Bosintang ( boshingtang ) a soup which includes dog meat
    ** the edible greenish substance in boiled lobster

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    As population bases change, it's likely so will cultures. From the little I've read it's a one-way street at present.


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      All I know is that when I'm stuck down in a well , I hope that " Skippy " is still around to go get help