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    I will not yet cede to your silence


    To see myself with eyes so foreign
    Unbecome, the weight and my headspace
    These false faces, presented, applauded
    Such suffocation, lift away, could I

    Walk aside your healing
    Inside, I'm dreaming
    Wealth of empty numbers
    Shade is but a feeling

    All is fleeting, so it must
    And yet the image remains
    Of the dawn at dusk
    Oxidize your heart now, hold trust

    Stir your heart, give up my ghost
    Should you find yourself awake and alone
    Don't reach for my hands, you've come to
    An isolation I've always known

    Foot falls in a garden
    Ash aloft on a high wind
    Covet not abiding
    Covered by untying

    Frayed cloth of your choosing
    I'll wake to an empty air, Confidante
    Capture every inkling, promise I'm still breathing
    Your heavy eyes disbelieved
    How readily I held to grief

    My lonely light!
    How heaves this life?

    Across every green, I call mine for peace
    Don't say it's not to cleave
    These bones and leaves; yellowing

    Let go, let go, let go
    Come winter's cold

    Sacred? Quite!
    A savored cry

    Forgone for the forest
    Should your water rise but for us

    Our hands have held the heat
    How we burnt the seed

    Oh, for the prophet
    Some did profit, some did weep

    Ache and ardor of an armour
    Wake and wander, suffer should the summer
    Never cease


    All my life I have felt a vacancy
    All apartments, B, all apologies
    Still you suffer not my kindness
    Syl, I cede to you; your silence
    Be as it must be
    Heaving fore she breathes