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  • Invisible

    They think I'm here but in truth I'm not
    I'm away from what discomforts me
    They can assume or think of the worst
    Amongst twisted faces, I don't wish to be seen

    Social uncertainty
    Makes me a stranger round here
    I'd rather be invisible
    To alleviate the fear

    Silently, I think to myself
    If this is the solution to all my worries
    As they go the same way, I follow my own path
    It doesn't matter if they forget me

    I am formless, I am nameless
    I am the chill, the transitory shadow
    Why must I be dragged into this reality
    When I can live my days alone?

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    This poem speaks to me of ambiguity. It's only fun to be invisible if you want to be. Is that the tone you were looking for or am I way off base?


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      You're half-right. It's actually to do with one's exclusion from society (i.e. doesn't want to be amongst people and also to maintain one's own privacy).

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    I enjoyed this. There have been times I have wanted to be invisible. I think I get this