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Faith to Move Mountains

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  • Faith to Move Mountains

    There are mountains and valleys to cross,
    From life’s beginning until its end,
    Each step of the way risks pain and loss,
    Walking with us is Jesus our friend.

    There are failures and defeats to bear,
    In life’s journey from birth unto death,
    Happy events and triumphs to share,
    In the here and now before last breaths.

    There are choices and prices to pay,
    From life’s dawn until its setting sun,
    But there is always time in the day,
    To ask God’s help in each one-by-one.

    There are moments of joy and sorrow,
    Through life from comfortable cradle,
    Just one knows the cares of tomorrow,
    We trust God, Alpha and Omega.

    Lord, grant us faith to move mountains,
    Courage to endure suffering and strife,
    Give thirst to drink from your fountains,
    And love like Jesus Christ throughout life.

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    Well written, much enjoyed.
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      A poem, a plea, a plan for life!