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  • Seek and you will find

    Is life a psychological and spiritual mess, a being of dismay and chaos,
    Misdirected and confused by those of staunch and unwavering bios,
    Might have started on a farm, urban home, corporate office, or a college dorm,
    Looking for devotees to accept vague ideologies and philosophies like their own?

    They stirred up vast doubt, skepticism, uncertainty, distrust, and questions of all kind,
    Than principles that would guide, direct, shepherd, shape, and lead to soundness of mind,
    That would bring peace and harmony; a grand way of life that is healthy and whole,
    You lost focus; you lost courage; you lost hopefulness; you lost confidence; you lost your soul.

    Did you cast your life upon that which is destined to disappoint, miss the mark and fail,
    And empty rhetoric your buddies constantly and relentlessly wailed,
    Or upon that which is eternally and everlasting faithful and true,
    That if you accepted, you would be called a laughingstock, a fool, or thinking askew?

    Is your mosaic spiritual conceptions satisfying your deep need way down inside,
    Is your soul a graffiti wall or a spiritual guide to be applied,
    Is your soul just shattered by confusion and has left you empty and cold,
    A splattering of abstract work than one of realism or anything worthy to behold?

    When facing a fierce raging storm in your mind and heart while dejected, fearful, and forlorn,
    Did you go to philosophy, self-help books, or to one who could still the storm?
    Do you know the one who can speak to the tempestuous seas and they obey him?
    Ever heard of the one who walked on water and could calm the hearts of troubled men?

    Let me introduce you to that one who can do for you what you cannot do for yourself.
    Learn of him by reading the scriptures, the Bible, find it on many a shelf.
    His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God; He and God the Father of the same mind.
    Through faith-obedience in Jesus, end of your search for redemption; seek and you will find.