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Perfections Downfall

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  • Perfections Downfall

    It’s a long fall from the mount of perfection,

    The hurt done is not just to one descending,

    There were others aware of the condition,

    Who feared and foresaw this unhappy ending.

    What is the genesis of this state of mind,

    This utopia without flaw or defect,

    From whence comes this ideal upon humankind,

    A perfect incarnation of a concept.

    The history of humanity is replete,

    With facts and acts that can very much refute,

    That perfectionism is at best bittersweet,

    When it is reviewed in the light of truth.

    Adam and Eve were born into perfection,

    At least, that’s how Genesis’ story is told,

    But soon fell off that lofty elevation,

    And since that tragic fall, the mount has been closed.

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    A thought provoking poem.We still have much to aspire to but there is still plenty of hope.