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What do you see Poet?

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  • What do you see Poet?

    I see an apple crisp morning
    Tumbledown fields, buttercup bright
    Falling to the water meadows on Beaulieu River
    I reach for a pen dipped in the well of legend
    Lifting the veil to take me where I wish to go
    Where a pinafore Alice skips through the fern grass
    Searching the hedgerows for the White Rabbit
    In the hush of evening I hear the hoof falls of fantasy
    Beating on the dust road
    Over Denbury Hill and down to Middle Earth
    I hear the wild wind crying, shrill down the chimney piece
    Run for comfort to the skirts of mother love
    I see a caravan of pack horses laden with brandy barrels
    Hear the jingle of harness, the call of the Night Riders
    ‘Watch the wall my darling while the gentlemen pass by’
    I see a downy glade deep in the woodland
    Where small winged creatures dance in the starlight
    Where Oberon and Titania hold court under the peeping moon
    What do you see Poet?
    I see a long ago England.

    Authors Note/
    ‘Watch the wall my darling while the gentlemen pass by’
    Is a line from Kipling’s Smugglers Song

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      Another class piece
      Five Hundred Years
      to make your case.
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        Thank you both for your valued comments. I plead guilty about writing of the past but it does offer plenty of scope for the writer and as an amateur history buff that’s also is appealing.
        But I promise my next attempt will not be set in the past.
        Thanks again for reading,