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  • 911again

    Here it is and it is 911 eighteen years after, and what am I supposed to say? Never forget is so banal. Such a meaningless slogan. So empty and easy to parrot. So, in memory of all those who lost their lives here downtown to over seas.
    I wrote this poem:

    Here it is Nine one one again

    And they say never forget

    Do they really mean never question

    Or never forget to stop thinking?

    And I say forget what?

    The coverup of the Cia

    And buying out in all the Walmarts

    for Amerikan flags in the Amerikan way?

    From here to China, so patriotic

    Rally the war cry!, so idiotic

    I say never forget the over three thousand quick deaths

    Never mind all the victims of slowly dying slow breaths

    And all the families traumatized to see the remains of each loved one

    Get hidden, buried in the New York City ripe trash dumps of Staten Island

    Never forget the true terrorists ran free because there was no

    Washington funding for exposing themselves

    Never forget how they traumatized a generation
    With TV scene after scene of falling towers
    Ad nauseum ad masturbation

    Constant repetition experiments for hours
    Falling towers falling towers falling towers

    Never forget It may have been a controlled demolition

    But to think that, is social immolation

    That only wingnuts and moonbats could believe

    Never forget all the names you were called for thinking different

    For looking at the obvious and swimming against the current

    Outside the television box, Outside the dead circuits, outside dead churches

    Outside their plan and purpose

    Of circuitous news and talking heads reading their scripts

    Like they were in some B rated drama film

    About terrorists flying for Allah but snorting cocaine

    And war declared on the wrong country because they had coke and oil on the brain

    Never forget the greedy war machines started to grind gear

    And thousands, maybe millions suffered year to year

    To appease the idol of Amerika, grinning ear to ear.

    Never forget Justice was never served

    And the guilty ran free
    Like blue blood that stank

    Laughing all the way to the bank

    While they hid your eyes in the dissociated trance they put you in

    Fear policing and facebook watching for every sin

    When they drilled those twin towers into your psyche

    They forgot the world trade seven

    Was the third to blow to heaven

    And billions around the world with networks internationally

    Traumatizing the minds of the youth.

    For three towers fell today

    Eye for and eye, a tooth for a tooth.
    More cluster bombs over Beyrouth

    But then we did forget, did we not?

    Because no one was put on the spot.

    Except a nebulous boogie man with a turban on top

    The same thing goes on and on and on

    And we are all complicit to so much bullshit

    But at least I will never forget who caused 911
    There is nothing new to me under the sun
    There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed
    Those that forget the truth, their fate have they sealed.
    Never forget.

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    Powerful piece. I'm still amazed at how differently this happening is processed.


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      Thank you. I was actually afraid that this piece was going to cause a stir and backlash. But this is my feelings I can't keep inside and poetry is a vehicle of expression and a catharsis for me.