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    In Memoriam... 9/11/01

    We honor the victims of nine eleven
    the faithfully departed now in heaven
    Today we remember, pray and reflect
    three thousand souls today we respect

    A beautiful day with deep blue skies
    completely shattered by demonic lies
    American Heroes raced into action
    saving lives their first reaction

    America's resolve proven the best
    history shows we passed the test
    Today we pray for the families to heal
    we can only imagine how they feel

    On this day Lord, we offer this prayer
    heal the families with your loving care
    we pray one day they will be whole
    bravery in the end, we say, "Let's Roll"

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    I heard a debate this morning on the radio: some folks say we should stop reposting things about the terrorist attack because it's too painful - families can't heal; other people say we need to remember how atrocious it was so that it's never repeated.

    I imagine whatever is done, tragedy will happen again. Evil is not some abstract thing which shows up or not. It is born in the heart of man from a prideful need and greed.

    Your poem is beautiful Bobby. Thank you for helping us remember with grace. Hopefully humanity will do better.


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      A beautiful tribute Bobby.


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        RhymeLovingWriterMuttado1sb thank you both for joining me in blessing the departed and their families. 🙏❤️🌷