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  • Behold the Polished Turd

    Behold the Polished Turd ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    " Dump the food out , bring me the crates "
    " It's time to Communicate "
    Talk about a dirty " Soap Box " derby
    Your TV's fine it's the message that's blurry
    Each week we watch idiots commit " treasonist harikari "
    Then go on the air the next day and say " I'm sorry "
    Talk about the ripple effect
    They leave and the house is a wreck !
    The cleaning lady doesn't come in until next week !
    Who gets to clean up the mess ? , Mother- " Beep "
    No one is under or for that matter any control
    The commercial is over , " run it up the flagpole " !
    Forget the truth and certainly the discipline
    It's mass communication for the citizens
    There's no punishment for the crime
    Our only justice is for all to abide !
    Don't look to Dad , he gave up his belt for suspenders "
    No whooping there , some of us remember
    Mom ? , she doesn't have her wooden spoon
    It's over in the corner sticking out the spittoon
    No one care about the sons and daughters
    They were thrown out with the baby with the bath water
    Grandma and Grandpa on the front porch ?
    Yeah you guessed it , it's been torched !
    The family Tree ? , gone , up rooted !
    Carved up for " Their Rekindling " and booted
    Talk about being , " caught up in the race "
    I just saw video of a woman who stabbed a kid in the face ! *
    What could possibly of been her motive ?
    Obviously she was locked and loaded
    We are not in Kansas anymore !
    The witches and warlocks are here for sure
    It's one thing to be outspoken
    ' but to hear everywhere , "Rules are meant to be broken "
    The First Electronic Television was Invented in 1927 **
    A testimony to where science was heading
    It's so easy to understand
    Now there's a TV in every hand
    They knew this was a " Pandora's box "
    In 1934 they tried to put on locks
    The Communication Act , an attempt to make the air waves equal ***
    I really think it's time for a sequel !
    So behold the polished turd shinning
    My toque is getting a tin foil lining
    This and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee
    Be careful taking a sip though , the road ahead is foggy

    * I believe this was in Tbilisi, Georgia , but that's beside the point
    *** 1949: The FCC adopted the Fairness Doctrine, which made broadcasters responsible for seeking out and presenting all sides of an issue when covering controversy. This act was a supplement to the Communications Act of 1934, which required broadcasters to give equal airtime to candidates running in elections.

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    It's true that all media has it's bias - including print. Your title is hilarious and captures the absurdity of how the oddest things are worshiped and protected.

    Then there's the "off" button - of which I make liberal use!

    Thanks for this one Glen MItton .


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      Freedom of speech , The Forefathers got it . However those who infringe on our rights should be held responsible , especially those who cry fire in a crowded movie house , or call on the attack of others because they support a different party .The people who want to censor our rights should be held for treason