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An English Pantomime

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  • An English Pantomime

    An English Pantomime

    Every thresh constrained

    they hope they have him tied

    by law, helpless this Gulliver,

    to serve their pygmy whim.

    Why, just the very name

    bespeaks truth and lies

    to fools! Mayhap he be

    Abanazer, magically

    grasping for power,

    or yet, casting off

    the Parliamentary

    mask, Korda's Djinn

    "Free! Free! Free at last!"

    Free of the mundane

    to stare into the Abyss,

    that darkness eyeing us,

    and, before the thirty first,

    taking as mandated wish,

    jump right in else die ditched.

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    Boris and Brexit? An interesting read, Johntee, with enjoyable word use and flow. But unfortunately the subject eludes me.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      A Pantomime is a traditional Christmas-time children's theatrical entertainment such as Aladdin. A 1940 Alexander Korda colour film version of Aladdin The Thief of Baghdad features African American Rex Ingram as the Djinn/Genie bursting from his imprisoning bottle on the sea shore roaring exultantly as he fills the sky "Free, Free, Free at Last!" Our Parliament is a theatrical entertainment/pantomime these days with Boris taking the role of the Austin Powers movie character Mini-me to Donald's Dr. Evil, using all of Donald's twist and turns. If Boris has his advertised way we Crash Out of the EU with no Trade Deals automatically on the 31st of October to a rain of toads and a hail of scorpions. Over half of Parliament is trying to to fit air-bags to this "Top Gear" car wreck before then while Boris drifts it sideways at full throttle on smoking tyres.

    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Ah, thanks, Johntee. I’d been to see ‘The Wizard of Oz’ performed as a Christmas pantomime the year I lived in the Cotswolds. But showing my American self I’m not following Brexit and Boris enough to get the references.