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  • "If's" History

    If's History as Stiff Upper Lip

    "If" :- In conditional cascade, an oratory

    of Public School morality.

    ~ ~ ~

    "Peaching does not

    befit the Better Born

    and he, if peached upon,

    shall face the Courts of Law in silent scorn."

    Thus did Jameson take the criminal's return.

    That, "If" says, is what makes a man.

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    You make me work at these, Johntee! The best I can do is a raid by someone named Jameson that happened in South Africa in the 1890s. That or an ad for peach drink mixed with Jameson’s Irish Whisky. Either way, the words and story are well used and told.


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      You hit the right Jamieson.
      The Jamieson Raid was
      an incursion, a speculative land grab
      secretly sanctioned by the British Government.
      In the fallout of its failure Jamieson was returned to Britain
      and tried. He didn't put up any defence and was given a 15 month
      prison sentence.
      He believed that, as he had given Rhodes his word not to divulge certain private conversations, he had to abide by that, while at the same time he was convinced that it would be very damaging to Britain if he said anything to the parliamentary committee to show the close involvement of Sir Hercules Robinson and Joseph Chamberlain in their disreputable encouragement of those plotting an uprising in Johannesburg.
      This is the background to the poem that Kipling wrote


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        Historic events written into current reflection...something I have yet to try with any regularity.