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A Single Girl in London.

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  • A Single Girl in London.

    For a small town girl
    Alone in the sprawl of the creaking metropolis
    She kept to the bustle of the hurrying crowd
    Lacking the courage to explore
    London’s surfeit of nooks and crannies.
    Where Dickens once walked the
    Victorian cobbled alleys and beyond
    Passed unnoticed by wide eyed tourists
    Harried by their clip board minders
    Mindful to keep to the tight schedule.
    Long enough now for wonder to subside
    With time to absorb the lessons to be learnt
    By taking the bus over Westminster Bridge
    To avoid the Tube’s rush hour crush of humanity
    and the wandering hands of marauding touchy feelers.
    Friends are hard to find north of the Thames
    Work time colleagues return home to suburbia
    Leaving London to the emptying streets
    Feral cats emerge to scavenge the waste bins
    While the bag lady beds down in a vacant doorway.
    In an Italian coffee house on the Lambeth embankment
    She found a special place to sit and scribble
    Where the customers provided flesh for her characters
    Where Giovanni breaks into song when the trade slackens
    and Amor di Pastorello is in tune with the lapping tide.

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    Just another new kid in town. Wonderful set dressing to help carry the story here, Cari.


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      Great descriptions!


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        I got the feeling Charlse Dickens would would be proud. The cobbled streets and victorian way.


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          My apologies for not answering sooner so thank you everyone for your kind comments.
          Slightly off topic but as a born and bred Londoner I know now that the city is a favourite place to visit by the crush of overseas visitors’ and why so many don’t get any information before they leave home. It saves a lot of time especially for a day or two visit.