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  • Camera


    I tell the truth
    Devoid of comment
    Without approval
    I cry no pity
    Judgement is yours
    Children running
    Hurry, hurry
    Zyclone B is waiting
    Smoke spirals
    Stalingrad winter
    The last performance
    Of the frozen clowns
    Stiffening arms
    Accuse the uncaring sky
    Dressed in parchment
    Tread the painful footsteps
    On the final lap
    In the stagger to oblivion
    I am waiting
    In a drawer, a handbag
    Am I dead, inanimate
    Or reborn by your fingertip

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    This is very moving. Artfully done.


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      Thank you so much i always enjoy your comments. A poem which endorses the saying that the camera doesn't lie when showing the brutal truth.


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        Moments of truth captured on film and displayed in words. This is moving, Cari. I pictured your pictures as I read along.


        • Cari
          Cari commented
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          I have to say that you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I do indeed look to create word pictures in my poetry because I feel it reaches to a wide audience and helps the readers to attach their own interpretation to the poem.
          Thanks for reading, I value your comments.

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        The lie lives in the hand
        that trains the lens

        The World unknowing then
        only sees in defeat

        Who will use the image and
        to what end
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        • Cari
          Cari commented
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          Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.

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        I must disagree a little bit
        When we are infront of a camera and know it
        we all become actors afraid to blow it
        and scenes are not always what they seem to be
        Also its not the truth that the camera reveals
        so much as where the photographer feels
        He needs to point the camera.
        When pointed in the wrong places
        It is the things left unsaid unrecorded
        that can make you fall over untied shoe laces


        • RhymeLovingWriter
          RhymeLovingWriter commented
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          Point taken. It is both/and...likely because photography sets a perspective and point in time...while life is ever evolving and changing. Good food for thought. I see value in both perspectives.